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Episode 60 john asher

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There are a lot of buzzwords out there. One that you may or may not be familiar with is “proptech” what does it mean? You’ll learn more about it by listening to today’s guest, John Asher. John is the president and co-founder of Konfidis. Listen to the episode to hear what John knows about self-teaching, what brought him to the world of startup tech, and what Konfidis is all about.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • John’s origin story
  • How John’s childhood growing up on a farm shaped him
  • How John was taught to self-teach
  • Why John decided to study accounting
  • When John concluded that accounting wasn’t for him
  • What big companies do well
  • Why John decided to move into the world of startup tech
  • What Konfidis is all about
  • The big goal for Konfidis
  • What John is seeing gain traction in the proptech world
  • Sorting through the different factors that affect housing
  • Shifts in who owns residential real estate in Canada

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John Asher


Quotes From the Show

“You’ve got to put in the work if you ever actually want to see output.”

“This company is my midlife crisis, how about that?”

“Whatever happens in the U.S. seems to find its way to Canada eventually.”

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