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Episode 58 drew green

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When Drew started out, he had goals of creating things and finding good people to work with, and he’s managed to achieve those goals and more. He’s the CEO and president of INDOCHINO and a serial entrepreneur, and today he brings his story to the podcast.

Listen to the episode to hear what Drew has to say about building confidence from childhood, learning lessons from fear, and connecting with people in an authentic way that’s not all about networking.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Drew’s origin story
  • How to build a child’s confidence
  • Lessons that can be learned from fear
  • How to hack the skillset for meeting and connecting with people
  • What Drew’s first few years as an entrepreneur looked like
  • Drew’s thesis for what he’s doing and how he spends his time
  • What Drew learned about finding fraud
  • Why gratitude is so important
  • Embracing the feeling of uncomfortableness
  • Economic themes to double down on today

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Drew Green

Quotes From the Show

“Luckily, I just had the most wonderful grandparents in the world.”

“In order to grow, in order to make stuff happen, there has to be movement.”

“I don’t want to meet people inauthentically.”

"I’ve embraced the desire to be uncomfortable, because when you’re uncomfortable you have to figure things out, you have to solve, you have to create."

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