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Episode 59 michael brown

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Why are you working? That’s something that Michael Brown has been thinking about lately: what he’s working for and what his legacy is going to be.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Michael Brown, the CEO and co-founder of Swept. Michael has a somewhat unusual background as an entrepreneur and has managed to do many different things with it. Listen in to hear what Michael has to say about where he got the motivation and determination to hustle, why he decided to go into the kinds of companies he chose, and what his background as a mechanic has to do with his entrepreneurial career.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Michael’s origination story
  • Where Michael’s hustle came from
  • Understanding the value of a dollar
  • What Michael did after high school and studying abroad
  • Why Michael decided to go into the kinds of companies he did
  • Whether Michael’s background in mechanics impacts his entrepreneurial career
  • Michael’s purpose right now
  • What Michael wants his legacy to be

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Michael Brown

Quotes From the Show

“My summer was very different from everybody else’s”

“It’s very rare to have a professor who’s actually done it, successfully, who is teaching you. One of her classes is: You have to start a business for $10”

“I want to work hard so I can give more.”

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