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Episode 57 mo lidsky

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Today we revisit an interview with Mo Lidsky that took place in early 2020. Mo is the CEO of Prime Quadrant and is a man with many accomplishments. He is an entrepreneur, an investor, advisor, and author. In a replay of this episode, Mo takes the time to explain how he got to where he is today and what his views are on nature vs. nurture. Listen to the episode to hear what Mo has to say about self-awareness, inspiring children, and promoting alignment among critical people inside of an organization.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Mo’s early life was like
  • Mo’s first business
  • Mo’s view on whether success boils down to nature or nurture
  • Times when some influence or shift changed Mo’s trajectory
  • Mo’s views on self-awareness
  • Tools that young people can use to figure out what they should be doing
  • How Mo puts his ideas into practice with his children
  • Tools that promote alignment among the most critical people in the organization
  • How Mo got into his current business
  • What Mo loves about what he does
  • What is enough
  • How philanthropy has influenced Mo’s non-philanthropic ventures
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