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Episode 56 sean morrison

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Today’s guest invented the concept of the top-line royalty fund after years of experience in his field. He explains today that entrepreneurship is just in his DNA.

Sean Morrison is the President and CEO of Diversified Royalty Corporation. In more than 20 years working with franchises and finance, he has a lot to say about his experiences, skills, and how he’s operated in various roles. Listen to the episode to hear what Sean has to say about transparency, how to access skillsets related to door-knocking and cold-calling in the modern environment, and how he developed the idea of a top-line royalty fund.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Sean does
  • Sean’s childhood and background
  • The value of transparency
  • The ways to hack the skillsets of door-knocking and cold-calling
  • Sean’s CFO role and what came after that
  • Sean’s desire to use his fact-based sales pitch skills
  • Sean’s idea for a top-line royalty fund
  • When Diversified Royalty Group really got started
  • How the advisory council Sean was a part of connected to Boston Pizza
  • Lessons Sean learned from dealing with the government in 2008
  • What Sean thinks about government spending in the past few years
  • The best way to find Sean online

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Quotes From the Show

“I think entrepreneurialism has always been in my DNA.”

“I’ve always wanted to be the institutional salesperson versus the retail salesperson, and the institutional one has to have a fact-based sales pitch.”

“I would say that if they didn’t spray the firehose, we would have been doomed. Did they overspray? Of course, cause it’s not their money, who wouldn’t overspray?”

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