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Episode 55 rob normandeau

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What drives a person to begin a private equity firm? How do you come up with a name for a business like that or work with partners within it? These are all topics that today’s guest will touch on in his interview.

Listen to the episode to hear from Rob Normandeau as he discusses his degree and previous business experiences, what it’s like to partner with other entrepreneurs, and whether money is the best motivator, as well as what other types of effective motivators for success exist, as Rob discuss his journey, his business, and the future of his industry.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Seafort Capital does
  • Where Rob grew up and what his childhood looked like
  • Where Rob’s law degree came in
  • When Rob thought about leaving law
  • The transition to a publicly listed company
  • Why Rob left Clarke
  • Rob’s move to Halifax
  • How Rob ended up starting a private equity firm
  • Why Rob wanted to expand
  • Where the name Seafort Capital came from
  • What it means to partner with entrepreneurs
  • Whether money is a good motivator
  • Good motivators for Rob
  • What Rob has learned about the East Coast
  • What Rob thinks about the future of his industry

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Quotes From the Show

“I used to always joke that since I studied law, I wanted to get admitted, do my articles, and get admitted so that my mom could tell the ladies at Bingo her son was a lawyer, and then I could move onto business which I thought was more interesting.”

“What we recognized from the start was that if we were successful, if this thing really grew and developed, we would reach a point where it made sense to bring in other investors.”

“It’s important to try to aspire to success and to wealth, but you can’t be short-term in your thinking.”

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