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Episode 54 christen daniels

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Firepower Capital – Christen Daniels

What does a head of customer success and corporate development do? What is it like to work for a fintech company? Today’s guest is Christen Daniels, and she’s the Head of Customer Success & Corporate Development at the fintech company, Georgian.

Listen to the episode to hear what Christen has to say about how she ended up in this position, why she’s not a natural risk-taker, how she thinks about risk, and what she has to say about the psychology of transactions.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Christen’s childhood looked like and how she ended up where she is
  • Christen’s experience studying in another language
  • Why Christen says she’s not a natural risk-taker
  • Why Christen wrote for the LSAT
  • When Christen decided to focus on corporate law
  • The psychology of transactions
  • What Georgian does
  • Recommendations Christen has for entering her field
  • Defining and building community
  • Christen’s view on the future of evaluations

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Quotes From the Show

“I like having a clarity of path, a clarity of purpose, kind of understanding how the pieces are going to come together, and having a little bit of certainty.”

“It was really clear to me that I’m fairly passionate about transactions.”

“Deals are really different when you own the results.”

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