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Episode 53 julie macdonnell

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What do you know about the intellectual property laws in the Metaverse? Probably not much, but somebody has to, right? Julie MacDonnell is an intellectual property lawyer by trade, which is a more traditional field, but she’s doing things to disrupt that space.

Listen in to learn about Julie’s company, Halloo, what roles that she believes accelerators and incubators have played in her journey and why she recommends them to others, and why she believes that giving back is so important.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Where Julie is from and what her upbringing was like
  • When the chip on your shoulder goes from positive to negative
  • The role that accelerators and incubators played in Julie’s journey
  • The importance of taking the right money
  • How to start finding a network
  • Starting relationships with an authentic desire to get to know each other
  • Metaverse IP law
  • Areas of law that young lawyers should be paying attention to right now
  • Why Julie believes that giving back matters

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Quotes From the Show

“I’ve got this theory that many problems, business problems even, should be approached through a trauma lens.

“Any accelerator program that gives you money and doesn’t take equity, I strongly, strongly encourage.”

“The barrier to entrepreneurship is so, so low, because what we’re selling and trading and buying in this space is intellectual property.:

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