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Episode 52 josh garellek

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How does someone wind up going from a Jewish private school and university, to working in the adult entertainment industry, tp becoming a serial entrepreneur?

Josh Garellek is the co-founder of Arctic Leaf Inc and He’s interested in teamwork, passion, and camaraderie, bringing people who share those things and what they can do together, and how partnerships and relationships affect business and brands. Listen to the episode to hear what Josh has to say about his role in bringing a fraternity to his university and how frat life affected his entrepreneurial path, how Josh identifies his strengths and plays to them, and what Josh thinks about the Metaverse and online risks to children.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Josh grew up, what he’s like, and what he’s doing
  • Whether Josh got his entrepreneurial instincts from his home growing up
  • Whether Josh’s frat played a role in shaping his entrepreneurship
  • The reaction Josh got when he went to work for PornHub
  • Why the adult industry is an early adopter of new tech
  • What interests Josh about the concept of partnerships and relationships
  • What Josh has done to identify his strengths and double down on what he’s good at
  • What e-commerce brands get right and wrong
  • What brand is really effective
  • How seriously brands are taking the Metaverse
  • What Josh is doing with his children to mitigate online risks
  • What brands need to do to evolve over the next 15-20 years
  • How Josh would advise a young person entering the marketing space

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Quotes From the Show

“I like sitting down and playing video games with a console controller and all that stuff, but to build the games just wasn’t fun for me.”

“Fun fact about the adult entertainment industry is that they created online transactions.”

“We’ve gotten to that point where the brand is bigger than my name.”

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