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Episode 51 rob lydan

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Firepower Capital – Rob Lydan

Entrepreneurs can come from anywhere – including from the trades sector. Today’s guest has a background in trades and is even a qualified welder. He’s also the Managing Director at Phoventus, a company that works in renewable power.

Rob Lydan joins the podcast today to discuss how he ended up in renewable power and what factors brought him to this point. Listen to the episode to hear what Rob has to say about what influenced him about the trades, what his professional trajectory looked like, and how to interact with people who are influential in your life.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Rob’s childhood looks like and how he got to this point
  • What drew Rob to computers
  • What influenced Rob to look toward trades
  • Rob’s professional trajectory
  • Why Rob didn’t pursue work in Canada when he started Phoventus
  • The role of anger in becoming an entrepreneur
  • What people get right and wrong when faced with people that influence their lives
  • Balancing steadfastness in your vision with flexibility
  • How much success in business is reliant on luck

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Rob Lydan

Quotes From the Show

“You can be the general manager, you get the office right next to the front door, not because it’s most convenient for you, it’s because it’s the shortest walk if you have to leave.”

“Seeing the physical object appear is a lot different than doing something that is purely academic.”

“That’s why when I look at how I treat people, I decided I’m just going to be nice to everybody. Because what goes around comes around.”

“I’m a big believer that there’s probably 100 people that you’ll meet or know if your life, that will determine what happens to you, and how you treat them is the sole determination of how your life will turn out.”

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