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Episode 50 frank baylis

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Frank Baylis is an entrepreneur as well as a politician. He’s the president of the medical technology firm Baylis Medical. He also ran for office to represent the riding of Pierrefonds—Dollard in the House of Commons of Canada and was elected in 2015. In today’s episode, Frank will discuss what he’s learned from running a medical technology firm that produces ventilators, what inspired him to get involved in politics, and why having the right business partner is so important.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Frank’s early life and how he got to Canada
  • What it means that Frank thinks of himself as a politician
  • How it was for Frank joining his mother’s business
  • What Frank has learned about picking a good partner
  • What Frank has learned about the partnership dynamic
  • What the aligning vision looks like today
  • Writing down goals
  • Why you need a board of directors
  • What the experience of transitioning the business was like for Frank
  • What Frank has learned from producing ventilators
  • What Frank has learned from having a global mindset
  • How Frank’s learned to do business in other countries without making mistakes
  • How Frank moved into politics
  • How Franks avoided getting too frustrated with politics
  • Whether anyone can be anything they want to be
  • The value of self-awareness
  • Frank’s end goal

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Frank Baylis

Quotes From the Show

“We may disagree what’s a priority or where we put the emphasis, but the majority of us, we’re almost in agreement 95% of what we want to do.”

“When you become aligned and then find someone that’s aligned and wants to do the same thing you do, that’s the foundation that you build upon.”

“There’s no such thing as a self-made man.”

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