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Episode 39 jamie opalchuk

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What goes into creating a company culture? How do you foster a community of mentorship within your company? These are some of the questions that today’s guest will address in this conversation.

Jamie Opalchuk is the Founder and CEO of HostPapa. In today’s episode, you’ll learn more about how he got there and what he thinks about building and running a company today. Listen to the episode to hear Jamie speak about his first entrepreneurial experience as a lemonade stand owner, how COVID has changed watercooler talk and after-hours networking, and how he views failure.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Why Jamie started HostPapa originally and what his goals were
  • What life was like for Jamie growing up
  • Whether it’s upbringing or genetic makeup that makes people act on their ideas
  • How Jamie’s upbringing makes him less risk-averse
  • What’s happening as watercooler talk and other networking becomes rarer
  • The time between the lemonade stand and HostPapa
  • How Jamie views failure
  • Whether failure should be an option
  • What Jamie has learned about scaling
  • Creating a company culture
  • Scaling mentorship within a country
  • Jamie’s continuous learning habits
  • The importance of routine

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Jamie Opalchuk


Quotes From the Show

“I had a couple other businesses, and I decided to solve my time constraints, I would start another business.”

“Great companies are built on people and ideas and vision, and then execution.”

“When I was in school, procrastination was a habit.”

“Small steps lead into big marches”

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