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TransactionFirePower provided Big Data Consulting services to The Installation Group


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Oren Horovitz

FirePower's data analytics team provide data consulting services to The Installation Group, a leading telecommunications service provider.

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We needed to manage and prepare for the increased demand from our telecom partners and their customers, but needed to refresh our infrastructure to manage this growth, which is where FirePower’s Private Equity division came in. Since acquiring TIG in November 2019, FirePower has helped TIG gain deep actionable insights via improved reporting, automated and powered the scheduling of 100+ employees with data to improve service delivery and limit down time, and strategically guided TIG to expand our relationship with our telecom partners. We are now able to be laser focussed on the KPI’s that matter, and in the first year of our partnership we have been able to lean on, and utilize the full strength of FirePower to double our business.

R Lefebvre
Robert Lefebvre,CEO, The Installation Group

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