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FirePower developed a suite of reports and dashboards that allowed us to have unprecedented visibility into our financial and operational performance, helped us monitor our operations and customer service, and understand profitability on an individual sku level.

Trevor Brimson
Trevor Brimson,Director of Digital Transformation at Zucora Home

Oren Horovitz reached out to me asking for the permission to do a quick exploratory mandate, and he promised that by the end of the mandate, we would have actionable insights and a dashboard in place that would allow our team to grow our business more intelligently. Fast forward a few weeks and we had the dashboard. Since that time, our salespeople have had a tool in their hands, that helps them understand which clients they should be reaching out to in order to up-sell and cross-sell more intelligently. We've been growing the tool, adding more features and functionality, incorporating more data so that now we've got profit and consumer effort scoring all built in.

It's a great tool and I'm confident that it'll help us grow our company intelligently and quickly.

Marc Durepos,CEO

In the rapidly changing HR industry, HIRE Technologies is redefining the future. We needed a long-term strategic partner who understood our growth goals, both organically and through acquisitions. When we needed capital flexibility to carry out our acquisition strategy, FirePower's private debt team was eager to collaborate with us throughout the process. They were extremely efficient, always available, and in constant communication with us from start to finish. They worked with us as a true partner and devised a creative financing solution that corresponded to the timing of our growth trajectory and financing requirements. Their hands-on strategic involvement and commitment to a long-term relationship enable us to maximize our deployable capital when required. As a result, we were able to move quickly and recently closed on a game-changing transaction. Furthermore, we have a long-term strategic partner who will help us expand in the future.

Simon Ambient Under 3 MB 2
Simon Dealy,CEO, HIRE Technnologies

FirePower was a core M&A advisor to Telos, guiding us, initially in evaluating our strategic options, and then through the transaction itself.

Sean yeomans
Sean Yeomans,CEO of Telos

As this was the first time we went outside our founders’ circle of family and friends to raise non-dilutive capital, I wanted to make sure I knew all my options. FirePower proposed to do a survey of likely lenders, on a no-name basis; their survey would give me concrete feedback on the likelihood of our raise, while LOT retained the flexibility of anonymity. After positive responses from lenders, the Board decided to formally task FirePower with raising the necessary capital. FirePower proved to be very creative and relentless in their pursuit of the right deal for LOT.

George achilleos
George Achilleos,President of Live Out There

I was impressed with FirePower’s level of commitment and sophistication even ahead of partnering together. It could have been all talk, but the FirePower M&A Advisory team delivered on their promises.

Mike lever
Mike Lever,President of Icarus Aviation

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