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TransactionFirePower advises Live Out There in connection with ABL Facility Financed by Invico Diversified Income Ltd. Partnership


Advisory — Strategic Consulting


Consumers & Retail


Ilan Jacobson
Sebastien Douville

FirePower's Advisory division acted as the exclusive advisor to Live Out There Inc., with regards to its debt capital raise concluded with Invico Diversified Income Limited Partnership, an entity managed by Invico Capital Corporation.

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As this was the first time we went outside our founders’ circle of family and friends to raise non-dilutive capital, I wanted to make sure I knew all my options. FirePower proposed to do a survey of likely lenders, on a no-name basis; their survey would give me concrete feedback on the likelihood of our raise, while LOT retained the flexibility of anonymity. After positive responses from lenders, the Board decided to formally task FirePower with raising the necessary capital. FirePower proved to be very creative and relentless in their pursuit of the right deal for LOT.

George achilleos
George Achilleos,President of Live Out There

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