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TransactionFirePower sold majority stake in Interwork to Wayside Technology Group


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FirePower’s Private Equity division sold its stake of its portfolio company, Interwork Technologies, a North American value-added specialty distributor of Cyber Security, Information Management, and Network Solutions, to Wayside Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTG)

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We wanted to expand the business and had ideas about how to do that, but we needed capital, which is where FirePower’s Private Equity division came in. Since acquiring Interwork in April of 2018, Anthony and the FirePower team have been very supportive of investing in our growth. There’s a lot of collaboration in terms of strategy and business direction. Anthony provides us with insights and input from a business model perspective, and that’s made a difference in our strategic thinking process.

Joe Graci
Joe Graci,President and GM, Interwork Technologies

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