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TransactionFirePower provided Gap Debt financing to GrowthGenius


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Trevor Simpson

GrowthGenius is an AI-assisted sales prospecting service provider for B2B businesses, headquartered in Toronto. The company needed financing to fund its rapid expansion. Raising equity seemed like the obvious choice, but GG's exceptional growth prospects made an equity investment unappealing because of the high cost of dilution. GG sought out a debt solution, and was well into discussions with other lenders when FirePower was introduced.

FirePower’s Private Debt team invested time and effort to gain a deep understanding of GG’s business. The team also worked to build a relationship with GG’s founders, and in the process, developed a high degree of confidence in their abilities as solid operators. FirePower presented GG with two deal structures, thus providing choice for the founders to select a structure that would best fit with the company’s growth plans and their objectives as shareholders.

Despite being well down the path with other lenders, GG picked FirePower. FirePower’s efforts to get to know the founders, understand the business, and tailor a loan structure that worked for the company and its owners proved to be the difference.

With this new loan in place, GG is now well positioned to fund its rapid growth without the heavy cost of dilution.

what people are saying

“We needed financing to fund our rapid expansion, and preferred debt over equity to avoid significant dilution. We were already well into discussions with other lenders when FirePower’s Private Debt team came to the table. Trevor and his team invested time and effort to gain an understanding of our business, giving us confidence that they would come through. Ultimately, the team presented us with a loan structure offering the terms and flexibility that we needed, and despite being down the path with other lenders, we went with FirePower. With this loan in place, we’re well positioned to fund our rapid growth without the heavy cost of dilution.”

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Brandon Pizzacalla,COO, Co-Founder, GrowthGenius

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