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News Sprout taps FirePower Private Debt to fuel global growth


Christina Ford and Martha Switzer launched their careers at Fortune 500 companies, working long days, with very little time to address their own health and wellness needs. Recognizing that this compromise to their mental and physical health resulted in lower productivity, the two women looked for a solution, and in 2012, Sprout Wellness was born.

Today, with strong leadership at the helm, and customers including Best Buy, McKesson and CN Rail, Sprout is a leading global workplace wellbeing platform, with a vision to become a global leader in technology-driven health and wellness solutions.

Sprout helps organizations that are interested in providing workplace wellbeing for their employees, but are in need of help due to high start-up costs, disjointed wellbeing programs, limited internal resources and a general lack of expertise in the wellbeing area. By engaging corporate teams to achieve their goals through community building and personalized tips, incentives and rewards, Sprout helps to energize employees and cultivate a positive and more productive workplace. Sprout’s platform is fully configurable to help companies inspire workplace wellbeing and improve their bottom lines by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity and retention.

When Sprout sought financing to fund its global growth strategy, management considered several possible options, including FirePower’s private debt. Impressed by Sprout’s management team, its growth trajectory and its customer loyalty, FirePower’s debt team dug in and worked to structure a non-dilutive, flexible debt offering, that ultimately provided the best fit with Sprout’s financing objectives.

Congratulations to Christina, Martha, Andrew, Jeff and the whole Sprout team. We’re proud to be part of your growth story.

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