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News FirePower Capital advises CSL Silicones Inc. on its sale of a majority stake to BRB International BV


Effective October 26th, 2018, BRB International BV (“BRB”) acquired a majority strategic interest in CSL Silicones Inc (“CSL”). Founded 34 years ago and located in Guelph, ON, Canada, CSL has grown leading positions around the globe in Silicone Protective Coatings for High Voltage Insulators. CSL has developed a unique technology know-how in Silicone Elastomeric Coatings which find novel applications in Building & Construction, Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Corrosion.

With its extended worldwide footprint, BRB will provide the structure and corporate support for CSL to further grow their business around the world.

Both BRB and CSL are active at different levels of the value chain in the Construction and Coating market. Multiple product cross-selling opportunities and technology cross-fertilization benefits have been identified.

Besides, CSL brings to BRB a solid chemical synthesis and formulating base in North America with ample room for capacity extension to support BRB’s growing business in Americas. CSL will benefit from BRB’s critical size in the Silicone industry. In return, BRB is undergoing a step change in its presence in North America.

The joining of CSL with BRB represents the very strategic and tactical influence that BRB has long sought out in order to prosper in this ever-increasingly competitive global landscape.

About BRB
BRB International BV, a dynamic and innovative company, has an extensive experience in the fields of Silicones, Lubricants, Additives and Chemicals. BRB International BV is now of its kind, one of the largest independent companies in the world with a turnover over €170 million.

From the large range of products marketed by two business units (Silicones and Lubricants, Additives & Chemicals), BRB International BV supplies to a broad range of customers in many different markets, including Lube Oil Blending, Cosmetic Industry, Graphic Industry, Automotive, Off Shore Industry and High Tech industries.

Established in 1981, headquartered in the south of the Netherlands, BRB International BV has created an effective worldwide supply chain network with offices and warehouses in the UK, Poland, South Africa, United States, Malaysia, Australia, China and Singapore. Our manufacturing sites are located in Europe and Asia.

The Power of a Silicone Major, the Flexibility of a Formulator
BRB Silicones, a business unit of BRB International BV, is a producer of specialty silicones like emulsions, antifoams, water repellants, elastomers, lubricants, silanes, resins, silicone polyethers, dimethicone & cyclomethicone blends, cross polymers and many more customized products. BRB Silicones also supplies a very broad range of core and specialty intermediates to the silicone industry with a superior combination of product supply regularity and competitive pricing.

About CSL
With over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicone products, CSL Silicones Inc. continues to exceed the highest standards for quality and provide silicone solutions to common problems.

CSL products are complemented with superior technical support in both custom formulations and application procedures. We offer a complete silicone solution; our extensive knowledge and expertise in polysiloxane technologies and success in their novel application across numerous industries is unmatched.

CSL is focusing on Silicone Protective Coatings and Sealants in the following application industries: High Voltage Insulators, Building & Construction, Anti-Graffiti, Anti-Corrosion, Electronics & Electrical, Manufacturing & Industrial, Transportation, Energy and Assets & Infrastructure.

Website: www​.cslsil​i​cones​.com

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