The Byng Group


The Byng Group (Byng) specializes in multi-family unit interior renovation and apartment suite turnover work. Byng is led by CEO Frank Settino, whose father started Byng in the 1950s as a painting contractor. 

Byng completes approximately 1500 turnovers and 3000 service calls a month, making it one of the largest in Ontario. Byng has a strong team of 80 full-time employees and 500 skilled technicians who provide best-in-class accelerated rent-ready solutions to clients.

Over the years, Byng has transformed itself to meet the needs of large real estate asset managers/​owners such as REITs and pension funds, by adding over 12 service lines, developing an impressive tech stack, extensively documenting its processes, and streamlining its supply chain.

In 2021 Byng partnered with Peerage Capital, a family office with over $10b in AUM. Peerage provides financial backing, strategic guidance, and substantial deal experience to further accelerate Byng’s North American growth.

acquisition strategy & capabilities

Byng is now actively looking to partner with or acquire painting contractors that service the multi-family segment (i.e. their revenue must primarily driven by institutional clients such as large REITs or property managers). 

The main objectives are to (1) become the North American leader in apartment suite turnover renovations; and (2) expand its footprint to provide a nationwide solution for its institutional clients across US and Canada.

Byng has retained FirePower Capital to identify and engage with new acquisition opportunities.

why partner with byng

A partnership with Byng has a number of advantages, because of Byng’s capital, infrastructure and client base:

  • Byng takes care of all back-office functions (e.g. HR, accounting, procurement, collections, etc.), using its own custom software, which allows partners to focus on their customers.
  • Byng brings more work to its partners, because of its large blue-chip client list and helps them win new clients — more consistent jobs.
  • In most circumstances, partners retain a significant minority stake in their business — it’s a true partnership.

what byng looks for


  • Multifamily apartment turnover primarily focused on repainting services, with two or more complimentary interior renovation services (e.g. drywall, plumbing, electrical, countertops)
  • Services offered for multi-family residential suites, building common areas, retirement homes, commercial/​retail market space


  • Strong leadership teams seeking to join a rapidly expanding organization with a winning culture
  • Company vision and culture that would benefit from gaining access to Byng’s and Peerage’s resources (e.g., capital, scale, infrastructure and innovative technology)


  • Minimum annual revenue of $3 million
  • Profitable, with 10%+ EBITDA margins preferred


  • Densely populated and/​or fast-growing metropolitan areas in Ontario and W. Canada including Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary; also the US East Coast and Midwest including S. Florida, Raleigh-Durham, Washington-Baltimore‑N. Virginia, Denver, Dallas, and Chicago.


  • Flexible structures allowing for partnerships or outright exits

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