Prime Quadrant

Canada’s premier advisor to ultra affluent families has been reimagining the entire relationship between these families and their advisors, for the better. PQ now seeks to accelerate growth by partnering with like-minded firms, managers and consultants.


Prime Quadrant (PQ) seeks to acquire or partner with advisors, portfolio managers, etc. to ultra affluent individuals and families (UHNWIs) in Canada and the U.S., who believe that servicing their clients amounts to far more than an asset gathering exercise.

background on Prime Quadrant

Founded in 1997, PQ is an advisor to UHNWIs (>$30m in investable assets) in Canada. It is based in Toronto, with clients across North America, Europe and Middle East. PQ consults on $18 billion (2022) in assets, across nearly 200 clients, a base that has steadily grown due to PQ’s single-minded focus on helping wealthy families achieve their most important goals (well beyond healthy returns on their capital), on a conflict-free basis. 

PQ was born out of the founders’ disenchantment with the service offerings from incumbent wealth managers for HNWIs. PQ was initially formed as a family office, which eventually became the leading consultancy it is today, because of the following pillars: 

  • Aligned advice and unbiased research
  • Diversification across asset classes and geographies
  • Access to best-in-class investment managers and opportunities
  • A disciplined approach to managing a family’s wealth and affairs
  • Look after all the needs of a family (e.g., education, governance, etc.)

PQ’s fixed retainer fee model eliminates most conflicts of interest inherent to the traditional fee models in the industry. It enables PQ to recommend only the most suitable opportunities for each client. PQ is registered as a Portfolio Manager, Exempt Market Dealer and Investment Fund Manager across most provinces in Canada. 

key figures

$18 billion
assets under consultation
years of investment experience

acquisition strategy & capabilities

PQ is actively looking to partner with or acquire wealth management firms in Canada and the U.S. The rationale for this M&A strategy is three-fold: 

1Over more than two decades, PQ has refined and iterated a client service framework that can significantly improve and transform the relationship between advisors and their ultra affluent clients. The model is battle-tested; it is set to enable PQ’s inorganic growth. 

2PQ is backed by FOCUS Financial (Nasdaq: FOCS, $250b+ AUM), one of the most active investor and consolidator in the sector. PQ has significant capital, deal-making capabilities and flexibility to close deals. 

3Teaming up with firms in key Canadian and US cities is central to PQ’s strategy. PQ’s approach is inherently local – its long-term relationships with clients are remarkably intimate, and require regular high-touch interactions. 

why partner with PQ?

A partnership with or a sale to PQ has a number of advantages: 


The industry knows entirely new client-advisor models are needed, but struggles to deliver; PQ believes it has built one of them. Aligning your firm with PQ can help ensure that your business thrives in the future. 


PQ has unprecedented access to opportunities in private equity, private debt, real estate, and other alternatives. In combination with its comprehensive platform covering legacy planning, strategic philanthropy, budgeting, consolidated reporting, administration of family affairs, tax, insurance, and legal services, joining the PQ ecosystem can dramatically expand your client service levels. 


Because PQ eliminates the need for constant transacting, asset gathering or upselling, it tends to offer a more enjoyable, interesting and stimulating environment. Values of integrity, humility, purpose and authenticity run deep. For top performers in the old paradigm, PQ compensation levels compare favourably to what they are used to. 

what PQ looks for


  • Wealth management and/​or related services (e.g. CFO-like services) to UHNWIs and their families.
  • Clients each have >$10m in investable assets.
  • Service is extremely personalized.


  • Strong leadership teams, who understand a large shift is upon the industry and proactively want to get ahead of it.
  • Interest in joining a rapidly expanding organization with a winning culture.


  • Select cities in Canada & United States


  • Clients size $5 – 500M
  • $2 – 20M in revenue
  • $500K-10M in EBITDA

Prime Quadrant has retained FirePower’s CDaaS division to identify and begin new conversations. 

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