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Nutra Holdings was founded in 2014 by John Williams Founder and CEO. At the time, John had developed two clinically-dosed products – AltiusTM and PowerBuildTM, which were getting significant traction; he formed Nutra Holdings to assemble the team and the platform that would take Altius and PowerBuild to market worldwide. Thus, Nutra’s flagship brand, Jacked Factory, was born.

John is an avid gym-goer and competitive powerlifter; he’s also an accomplished business leader, having won EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Atlantic among other awards. His vision for Nutra is to assemble the most compelling portfolio of sports nutrition and wellness supplements brands in the world. By maintaining a strong connection with its customers and helping them throughout their journey, the Nutra team believes that it will build brands that truly change lives.

Since 2014, Nutra has launched another brand (Cira), acquired a third (Transparent Labs, 2020); with Jacked Factory, they combine for over 100 SKUs that have satisfied millions of customers. Jacked Factory, for example, has over tens of thousands of positive customer reviews, on the back of their 100% money back guarantee.

acquisition strategy & capabilities

In its acquisition strategy, Nutra is backed by Roynat Capital, one of the most active institutional capital provider in Canada. Combined with its extremely strong cash flows, Nutra has ample capital to acquire promising and complementary sports nutrition and wellness supplements brands, to which Nutra can add significant value.

As a new home for these brands, Nutra offers a well-oiled, multi-dimensional platform (marketing, creative, sales, endorsements, capital, back-office, etc.) that can quickly and efficiently amplify their reach.

For sellers who are considering an exit to move on to new endeavors, and are entertaining private equity buyers, Nutra is differentiated because it can offer a clean exit. For those who want to keep growing, Nutra is a winning, well capitalized, experienced, no non-sense team.

The Transparent Labs deal is a great blueprint for Nutra’s preferred transaction: Nutra enabled the owners to exit without a drawn-out transitionary period, which private equity suitors were demanding (it was a competitive process). Nutra has retained FirePower Capital’s buy-side advisory team to identify and engage with new M&A opportunities.

current brands

Jacked Factory 300x39

Jacked Factory

Jacked Factory’s Burn-XT made Amazon best-sellers list

Cira 300x76


Access to personalized quizzes to support unique goals

Transparent Labs 300x73

Transparent Labs

Backed by Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson

acquisition criteria


  • E‑commerce brands focusing on sports nutrition and health and wellness supplements (protein powder, pre-workout, fat burners, sleep enhancers, collagen boosters etc.)
  • Potential for global reach
  • Ethical, high-quality product lines


  • Strong leadership teams seeking to join a rapidly expanding organization with a winning culture
  • Passion for sports nutrition and dedicated to providing products with quality ingredients


  • Annual revenue of <$30 million
  • Profitable, with 10%+ EBITDA margins preferred
  • Solid year over year growth across a diversified set of SKUs, with a few stand-outs


  • North America


  • Typically, 100% acquisitions

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