BV Investment Partners (Healthcare Practice)

With an enviable track record since 1983 investing in B2B technology and tech-enabled services businesses, BV teams up with growth-oriented companies in healthcare across provider, payer, and life sciences segments.


BV Investment Partners prides itself on partnership oriented transactions that strongly align strategy, vision, culture, and execution with management teams, to enable and support growth and value creation.

background on BV Investment Partners

Founded in 1983, BV (formerly Boston Ventures) is an active private equity firm with a proven track record of investing alongside founders, management, and families. It focuses on tech-enabled business services, IT services and enterprise software. BV is often the first institutional shareholder in the companies it partners with. 

The firm’s senior investment professionals each have over 20 years of investing and operating experience. 

The key to the firm’s success over four decades is the intimate collaboration and alignment of incentives between BV, BV’s Operating Advisory Board members, and management teams to create and execute on long-term strategic plans focused on significantly increasing shareholder value. 

BV’s Healthcare Operating Advisory Board

Members of this Board take on roles collaborating with management to elevate the performance of BV’s portfolio: 

Nicholas Testa, MD: Nicholas is CommonSpirit Health’s Chief Medical Officer for the Southwest Division, overseeing 18 hospitals in the US

Peter Tollman: Peter was a Senior Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group leading their CEO Advisory Program, and previously led BCG’s global Biopharma sector

Frank Martell: Frank was the President & CEO of CoreLogic, and previously President & CEO of the Western Institutional Review Board

BV’s Healthcare Portfolio




Vitori Health


EMS Management & Consultants




Magnus Health


Franco Signor

highlights since 1983

platform company investments
$4.3 billion
Invested across 10 funds
$1.1 billion
Fund X
Gross MOIC on realized investments
Former portco executives invested in BV funds

BV Healthcare’s investment strategy & capabilities

BV is actively looking to partner with healthcare technology and services businesses focused on administrative simplification, value-based care enablement, and clinical systems & decision support across stakeholder groups (payers, providers & pharma). The rationale for this strategy is three-fold

1. The healthcare/health-tech sector is ripe for new business models, technologies, and other disruptions, given the systemic inefficiencies (est. $1T of wasteful spending, or approximately 25% of total NHE). 

2. BV is investing in businesses that are looking to solve these inefficiencies and achieve the quadruple aim” by leveraging AI/ML, big data, BI, and specialized outsourced services.

3BV seeks to leverage its capital, experience, infrastructure, and its expansive network – though its portfolio companies, Operating Advisory Board and other key industry relationships – to add value and contribute to positive change across the industry.

why partner with BV?

A partnership with BV has a number of advantages: 

1. Growth Prospects

BV’s commitment to tightly aligning with management teams on strategy, vision, execution and upside is unusually strong in comparison to other investment firms. BV invites current management teams into meaningful ownership interests, aligning to collaboratively build value. This partnership approach extends beyond the horizon of any given investment, as evidenced by over 55 former founders and executives of past BV companies personally investing in BV’s latest fund and several serving on the Operating Advisory Board. Solarity, EMS-MC, and Franco Signor offer recent examples of significant organic and acquisition-driven growth and substantial corresponding value creation.

2. Ecosystem & Partnerships

BV has an extensive and engaged network of key leaders in healthcare (e.g. Epic, CommonSpirit, RWJ-Barnabas, Boston’s Children, BUCA). BV and its network contacts draw on pattern recognition of success drivers both within and outside healthcare, which is often a meaningful benefit to its healthcare-related portfolio companies. BV also facilitates regular meetings between their portfolio companies’ management teams to allow for collaboration, and sharing of best practices across functional areas.

3. Value-Add

BV aligns with partners on a growth-oriented strategic plan, enabling accelerated growth while preserving companies’ unique legacy, brand and culture:

  • Access to BV network, including OAB
  • Support via active strategic involvement on the board
  • Assistance in deepening of senior leadership teams
  • Operational support & improvements
  • Go-to-market expertise and related network
  • New product and technology development efforts
  • New sector, product & geo launches
  • Strategic M&A
  • Positioning for ultimate premium exit options

what BV looks for


  • Strong leadership teams with a long-term goal orientation, who are values-driven and people focused


  • Headquartered in US or Canada


  • $25 – 100M+ recurring (or reoccurring) revenue with strong retention
  • $5 – 25M+ EBITDA, with strong % margins
  • Attractive market size & growth dynamics
  • Sustainable growth potential


  • Technology and/​or outsourced services offerings that are solution-oriented, viewed as mission-critical and deliver significant ROI

healthcare thematic focus areas


  • Workflow automation
  • Outsourced services driving non-clinical efficiency
  • Tech-enabled RCM and claims adjudication
  • Revenue integrity / CDI
  • EHR/​data interoperability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Nursing administration and workforce management tools and services
  • Call center and omni channel patient/​member engagement


  • ACO enablement
  • Care transfer & coordination
  • Home / community health
  • PHM & SDOH
  • CMS VBC program admin
  • Patient / member engagement 
    (incl. Digital Front Door”)
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Expanding role of PCP/PA/RN


  • AI/ML/NLP-driven CDS
  • EHR/PM (acute, post-acute, speciality-specific) 

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