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overview of ARS

Led by Managing Partner Stephen Burke, ARS Investment Partners (ARS) seeks to acquire/​partner with like-minded Investment Advisors in and around NYC. ARS is backed by Peerage Capital, a $10b+ family office in Toronto. 

background on ARS & Peerage Capital

Founded in 1971, ARS is an investment manager based in New York. It is a traditional partnership, whereby its managers invest their own money alongside clients’ funds — interests are tightly aligned. ARS is trusted with $1.7 billion (2021) in clients’ capital, because of its: 

  • Single-minded focus on client service, long-term relationships and satisfaction.
  • Seasoned team, with sound judgement over multiple economic cycles (investment committee members average 40 years of experience)
  • High-conviction, forward-looking investment approach, based in fundamental research and macroeconomic thinking

Clients of ARS cite its staff’s intellectual edge and thought leadership as one of the key reasons for trusting the firm with their capital as well as for the attractive returns the firm delivers across its equities-focused strategies. Informa Investment Solutions ranks ARS‘s flagship Focused All Cap strategy in the first percentile for performance (on a 3‑, 5- year and since inception (Jan 21, 1993) basis). 

ARS is controlled by Peerage Capital, a family office with over $10 billion deployed across 25+ significant investments in real estate services, real estate, wealth advisory and asset management, across North America. The Peerage team prides itself on being professional partners’. Peerage is continuing to grow under the leadership of Founder Miles Nadal.

wealth management firms in Peerage Capital's portfolio


Echelon Wealth Partners


Vestcap Investment Management Inc


Artemis Investment Management


employees (ARS)
$1.7 billion
assets under management (ARS)
employees (in above firms)

acquisition strategy & capabilities

ARS is actively looking to partner with or acquire Investment Advisers firms in and around NYC. The rationale for this M&A strategy is three-fold: 

1ARS is not a typical consolidator: it is not chasing AUM for AUM’s sake. Rather, Stephen Burke and his leadership group seek to build a client- and investment-first team, who are partners and who enjoys working together and explicitly rejects the non-sense that large fund managers are known for. 

2. The regulatory environment is increasingly challenging for smaller managers. ARS has invested significantly in its infrastructure and tech stack, which allows managers to focus on managing client assets and relationships. 

3. Peerage stands ready to deploy capital through ARS for acquisitions, as well as leverage its ecosystem of wealth and asset management companies (of note, Echelon Wealth Partners in Canada has C$8.5 billion in AUM).

why partner with ARS?


ARS’s leadership has led some of the largest financial institutions in the world (Stephen Burke ran Deutsche Asset Management’s $165b Institutional Business in the Americas book, for example). They know those organizations’ culture and values, and they have very purposefully crafted ARS’s to not be that. If you want to enjoy investing and interacting with clients again, without the politics, then ARS is the right environment. 


ARS’s world-class infrastructure (especially relative to its AUM) and back-office allow managers to focus on their clients, and on building out their book. 


ARS and Peerage are extremely creative deal-makers, with the ability to tailor deal structures to accommodate various circumstances (e.g. retirement, growth, etc); it also is known for its abilities to assemble large businesses via serial M&A activity over the long term, in which partners retain substantial equity stakes and significant operating and strategic independence.

what ARS looks for


  • Investment Advisory firms (with active registrations in good standing) primarily focused on equities strategies that are model-driven; investing on a discretionary basis only.
  • Client service is high-touch and personalized.
  • Clients have >$3m in total investable assets, with a min investment of >$1M with the firm.


  • Tight-knit leadership teams who want to invest alongside their clients, and who want to thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day, while doing their best work (i.e. investing, bringing on new clients, and managing them).
  • A vision for their firm and a recognition that joining forces with the likes of ARS and Peerage would create an entity that is more than the sum of the parts.


  • Greater New York City metro area (from Philadelphia to Hartford), but strong preference for Manhattan.


  • Between $100M and $2B AUM.

ARS and Peerage Capital have retained FirePower’s CDaaS division to identify and begin new conversations. 

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