The power of perseverance.

Are you looking to exit your business?

Unsure how to get started, let along get a compelling price and secure fair terms for your business, from the right buyer, in today’s market conditions?

We advise on transactions ranging from $10m to $150m. We have done it for dozens of owner-operators in Canada. We can guide you too, through a successful sale.

live sell-side mandates as of September 20th, 2019
closing rate for sell‑side mandates (vs. industry average of 25%1)
live sell-side mandates aggregate value

Is it Time to Consider an Exit?

Are you looking to retire? Would joining a larger organization get your company to the next level? Has M&A picked up in your industry? Do you want to share risk with new ownership? Have you received unsolicited offers?

Sell With Confidence.

We've built and refined a technology-driven, yet deeply bespoke process specifically for private, owner-operated businesses in Canada, to guide them through the complexities of a sale, and conclude a transaction at a compelling value and terms.

Recent Transactions

Corporate Renaissance Group
Orchard International Acquired by Albea
IDT Telecom Acquires Versature
Decisive Technologies
Apeiron Software
Novaflow Systems Inc
Baam Productions
CSR Cosmetic Solutions
Applied Comfort Products Inc.
All Test International Inc
Bnotions (Bogaroo)
St Joseph MRI
Walk'N Comfort
Majestic Media
Millennium Care Inc.

Why Choose FirePower?

Our Investment Banking team is one of Canada’s fastest growing group dedicated to private, owner-operated mid-market companies. Simply put, we have grown fast because we move deals towards a swift close, with more certainty on terms that our clients like.

We deliver transactional know-how and experience typically reserved for larger companies, with the passion and dedication of a true partner and trusted fellow entrepreneur. We have built our advisory practice from a clean slate, free of the baggage of established firms: in the process, we have reinvented and optimized the way deals are done in Canada.

Quickly, creatively and confidentially, with proprietary technology, we make the right moves in today’s market conditions.

Sectors we're active in:

  • Industrials
  • Software & IT
  • Logistics
  • Business Services
  • Healthcare
  • Food & Beverage
  • Telecom
  • Retail

We don't advise on transactions in mining, oil & gas extraction and life sciences.

What we look for:

  • $10 – $150m in size (enterprise value), though we have advised exceptional companies on either side of that range
  • Cash flowing for traditional businesses; for businesses in emerging sectors that are not cash flowing, value to strategic buyers must be evident
  • Late-stage growth or well-established companies (we avoid pre-revenue start-ups, or distressed situations)
  • Compelling and differentiated product or service offerings
  • A solid, established management team, especially if the owner(s) is retiring
  • A strategically sound reason to exit


Managing the deal process

We act as a quarterback for the entire deal, from start to finish, advancing all aspects of the transaction and managing all parties involved to move towards a seamless closing.

Finding buyers

From our research, network and proprietary databases, we identify and connect with relevant buyers. While we excel in engaging strategic acquirers, we tap a vast network of financial buyers as well. Across the globe – there are no barriers to deal-making. In strictest confidentiality.

Structuring the deal

Having crafted dozens of deals, we shape the transaction structure to address the needs and wants of both sellers and buyers – it must be a win-win.

Negotiating the deal

We create an auction environment to create competitive tension between buyers, to secure the most favourable price, terms, conditions, timing and transition. We train daily in the art of negotiations and story-telling.

Educating and coaching the owner(s)

Deals are draining: the emotional highs and lows, the difficult conversations with buyers, the time-consuming buyer’s due diligence… Many on our team have gone through it not just as an advisor, but as entrepreneurs themselves. We tap in to that experience, as well, as our team coaches you through it all.

Adding credibility to the seller

Our involvement signals to buyers that there is a high and serious degree of commitment by the seller to an exit.

Preparing the company for sale

To manage the intense scrutiny of buyers’ due diligence before and after their offers, we tell all sides of your company’s story through detailed collateral and data rooms, months in the making.

Enabling you to run the business

Our dedication to all aspects of the deal frees up owner-operators to focus on continuing to improve the performance of their business.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

We engaged FirePower after an unsuccessful process with another firm. They cast their net worldwide for strategic and financial buyers, 102 in total. We had 8 offers to consider, the one we preferred from Kolmar. FirePower then helped us overcome the challenges of closing a deal across the Pacific, setting both parties up for success post-closing. We sincerely thank the team for their hard work.
Steve Blanchet, CEO, CSR Cosmetics