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Episode 9 jon dwyer

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Today’s podcast episode guest is Jon Dwyer. Jon has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and dealmaking. In today’s episode, Jon talks about the origin of his curiosity, why he feels able to take risks in his professional life, and why vulnerability is such an important quality. Listen in to hear what Jon has to say about the innate qualities and consistent characteristics that he’s seen among great dealmakers that he’s met along the way.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Jon’s background
  • Where Jon’s curiosity comes from
  • Why Jon takes risks
  • What Jon thinks about innate qualities
  • How to convince younger people of the value of vulnerability
  • Where the motivation to come back after bad experiences come from
  • Jon’s view on spreading himself too thin
  • Attributes that Jon has seen consistently among great dealmakers
  • Where young entrepreneurs should get started
  • How Jon stays grounded

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Quotes From the Show

“I look at my career as being defined by a lot of the things that didn’t go right.”

“Honesty is everything in this game.”

“I’ve always had this innate need to – I don’t want to say satisfy people – but to prove to people that I was doing a good job and I was worthy.”

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