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Episode 49 stephanie shapiro

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Giving back can have just as much value as getting, so why not make that a focus? Stephanie Shapiro is the COO of Together We Stand, an organization that supports and serves the military families of the Canadian armed forces. In today’s episode, Stephanie will explain why she believes it’s so important to pay attention to what the military does for citizens.

You’ll also hear Stephanie’s thoughts on mental health, adversity, and vulnerability, and transitioning from a government job into her current role.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Stephanie’s family history and formative years
  • Whether Stephanie had it ingrained in her how lucky she was to be born in Canada
  • Why Stephanie landed in HR
  • What Stephanie’s journey looked like
  • How Stephanie is thinking about mental health
  • Whether adversity is a good thing, and how to look for
  • How vulnerability equates with bravery
  • Why Stephanie decided to leave her government job
  • What Together We Stand is trying to accomplish
  • Understanding what Canadian armed forces do domestically
  • The value of giving back

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Quotes From the Show

“I talk a lot about vulnerability in the workplace. And to me, I’m a huge advocate of that.”

“To me, vulnerability within the workplace is where the magic happens.”

“The reality is that our Canadian armed forces members and their families and veterans have done so much more than simply serve when there’s conflict.”

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