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Episode 48 robin kovitz

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Being an entrepreneur means being able to handle some strange and wild circumstances. And if you’re interested in being one, you need to be up to dealing with anything, from one end of the spectrum to the other.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Robin Kovitz, the president and CEO of Baskits, inc. In this episode, she discusses the unusual situations that entrepreneurs have to deal with. She also discusses her lifelong dream of attending Harvard, what criteria she put down as part of the process of deciding what business to buy, and what the value of kindness is in business.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Robin grew up
  • Why Robin’s family were so adamant about her being educated
  • Why Robin’s lifelong goal was to get an MBA from Harvard
  • How going to Harvard was life changing
  • What the process was of Robin deciding to take a risk on buying a business
  • Robin’s non-negotiables
  • The value of kindness in business
  • The strategy of doing the right thing
  • Robin’s views on women in entrepreneurship
  • Changes over the past decade in terms of women in power
  • The importance of passion for your work
  • The future for Baskits

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Quotes From the Show

“How you take that failure is at the key, I believe, of being a successful entrepreneur.”

“To be good at this job, you have to be willing to do everything.”

“I had this vision, because of my entrepreneurial roots, of running a small business. I really enjoyed being with customers, helping employees and team members”

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