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Episode 47 alistair leyland

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What is the future? How do we affect it? How do we raise kids in ways that help them realize and take advantage of their own abilities to make and shape the future?

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Alistair Leyland, a founding partner at Array of Stars. Listen in to the interview to hear his ideas about how to foster innovative mindsets, why storytelling is such an important skill set for entrepreneurs and innovators, and what the next big transformative thing is likely to be.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Alistair’s origin story
  • How to foster an innovation mindset
  • How a doctor and teacher fostered more innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets
  • What made Alastair move to the Canadian Film Center
  • The skillset of storytelling
  • The concept of having difficulty with authority
  • What Array of Stars does and why Alistair started it
  • Web 3 and the metaverse
  • What people are underestimating and why
  • Alistair’s opinion on NFTs
  • The next big transformative thing
  • Brands that are at the cutting edge

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Quotes From the Show

“A big part of the Hippocratic oath is finding any and all ways to deliver maximum care for patients.”

“Web 3 is essentially the next chapter of the internet.”

“I would say you don’t have to look too much further than what Nike is doing, with scooping up shops within the Web 3, NFT space.”

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