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Episode 46 jason carvalho

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What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and what does that mean for you? What does understanding this have to do with success in building your finances or having a career as an entrepreneur? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Jason Carvalho, entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Carvalho Capital. Listen to his interview to hear what he has to say about how he got into technology in the first place, what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is, what risk really is and how to balance taking risks with the need to be prudent.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Jason’s early life
  • How Jason landed in technology
  • How Jason figured out that he was an entrepreneur early on
  • Where Jason took his entrepreneurship after finding himself in Victoria
  • How much of life’s successes are luck
  • Transitioning from entrepreneur and investor
  • Defining the fourth industrial revolution
  • How the metaverse is going to change things
  • Getting prepared for the next generation of worker
  • How to balance the desire to be all in with the need to be prudent
  • What risk is
  • How to follow Jason

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Quotes From the Show

“To be frank, when you start building things, you can see, you understand how it works.”

“There’s no stopping the idea of the metaverse.”

“In order for you to be disciplined, you have to wake up every single day and realize the system is trying to take money from you.”

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