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Episode 44 gregory wade

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Partnerships are notoriously difficult, but today’s guest has had some notable success with them. Gregory Wade is currently the managing partner of NextBase, but in the past he’s worked for AT&T and with Samsung, to name a few. Listen to the episode to hear what Gregory has to say about how he ended up working with these large brands, what makes a partnership successful, and why Gregory chose to write a book about mentorship.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Gregory’s childhood looked like
  • How Gregory ended up working with multinational brands
  • How Gregory ended up back in Canada
  • What people get wrong about partnerships, and what makes a partnership successful
  • Why Gregory wrote a book on mentorship
  • What’s broken in building the next generation of leadership
  • External mentorship for young future leaders
  • The problems corporations face
  • The building blocks to a successful career

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Gregory Wade

Quotes From the Show

“Setting objectives and setting goals is so important.”

“Imagine being able to bring together two long-time rivals in Blackberry and Samsung.”

“It was important for me to understand that space, so in business I could at least understand what the heck… the construct to a contract.”

“I worked very very hard, even at young age, to try and set up what I called these building blocks to a career - wanting to ensure that I built as many components of those blocks that were different.”

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