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Episode 42 joelle faulkner

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Sometimes, a non-linear path is the best path for the person that’s on it. Today’s guest is a good example of learning and living in a less-than-linear way. In today’s episode, you’ll meet Joelle Faulkner, CEO of Area One Farms. Area One is an alternative asset management firm where Joelle created a farmer-centric private equity model. Listen to the episode to hear Joelle explain what made her pursue varying degrees, what kind of impact her science background has on her business success, and what it was like at the beginning of starting Area One Farms.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Joelle’s childhood looked like
  • What made Joelle go into law and biodesign
  • Why Joelle didn’t like law
  • How much of an impact a science background has on the ability to build a business
  • Theories around the role dyslexia plays
  • How to figure out what you want to do
  • What led Joelle to start Area One
  • What Joelle underestimated about building a business
  • What Joelle would tell her younger self
  • How much of Joelle’s decision making is rooted in the desire for happiness
  • Whether insecurity is bad if it drives results
  • What’s coming next in Joelle’s journey

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Quotes From the Show

“If you could ask questions about it, you could probably understand the answers.”

“I think engineering and science – it made me really good at math.”

“Pick something that will get as close to delighting you as possible.”

“If you want kids to really respect money, and respect hard work that makes that money, they actually have to understand it”

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