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Episode 41 ben baldwin

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How can understanding and predicting human behavior help in business and in life? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Ben Baldwin, founder of the first goal achievement system for teams. Ben discusses why he’s so interested in predictive analytics, whether predictive analytics is used as much as it should be, and what he thinks about the word innovation and how it’s used.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Ben’s childhood was like
  • Motivations other than money
  • What works best in terms of number and type of founders
  • Ben’s opinion on nature and nurture
  • Commonalities among failures
  • Why Ben is interested in predictive analytics for human behavior
  • Whether predictive analytics is used in the way it should be
  • Interacting with people instead of code
  • What innovation means to Ben
  • Work selves and home selves

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Ben Baldwin


Quotes From the Show

“The desire for income is often driven by freedom.”

“There’s so many different ways to fail.”

“The only ingredients in the [people] system, in everything that we have, are people and time.”

“Something has to enable time or people in a better way to participate in our universe”

“Conscientiousness is one of the strongest drivers, predictors of success”

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