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Episode 40 jaime leverton

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Where does data factor in when it comes to the personal relationships and people skills that are so necessary for business? Today’s guest classifies herself as a person who’s very objective and likes the objectivity of data that breaks down to ones and zeros. Listen to the episode to learn about Jaime Leverton, the current CEO at Hut 8 Mining Corp. She’ll discuss how her childhood and environment growing up led her to her current path, why she’s passionate about data, and how she ended up working in cryptocurrency.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Jaime’s childhood looked like
  • What Jaime’s childhood gave her to drive her success
  • How much did Jaime’s parents’ influence her life and choices
  • Marketing and thematics
  • What Jaime was passionate about when it comes to data
  • What data is going to mean in our lives
  • Dealing with the emotional side of business
  • What Hut 8 is all about
  • How Jaime got into cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin as currency
  • What critics are missing about bitcoin and crypto-currency
  • What’s happening with NFTs
  • What resonates with Jaime about transformation and growth
  • The importance of knowing who you are
  • The process of accepting who you are

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Jaime Leverton

Quotes From the Show

“I think people from small towns really have no one to depend on but themselves.”

“What hard data does, and when you’re looking for patterns, there is nothing more objective than something that can ultimately be broken down into 1s and 0s.”

“Even in dealing with people, I think data plays an important part.”

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