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Episode 4 clive kinross

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from an entrepreneur named Clive Kinross. Clive started his career as an accountant in South Africa. But then he moved to Canada, where he eventually founded a company called Open Lane. He later sold the company and took a little time off but that wasn’t the end of his story. More recently, he founded a company called MoneyKey, which is a FinTech company based in Canada but doing business in the US.

Someone who starts out as an accountant in South Africa and ends up as a successful CEO twice over must have a lot of great experiences to share, and you’ll hear about those in today’s interview. Listen in to hear what Clive has to say about how and why he ended up in Canada, the lessons that he learned early in his career, and whether he thinks entrepreneurial qualities are a product of nature or nurture.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How an accountant in South Africa ended up as a successful CEO in Canada
  • Why Clive decided to settle in Canada
  • Whether Clive has found it easy to predict what he needed to do for his career
  • What it is about Clive that led him to do what he needed to do to become successful
  • What helped build Clive’s confidence in the early years
  • How much of Clive’s mentality comes from his upbringing and how much of it he was born with
  • The key lessons Clive learned from Open Lane
  • What it takes to make a good team
  • Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses
  • How previous experience factors into current endeavors
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs
  • How to find mentors
  • Whether Clive attributes success in entrepreneurship to nature or nurture

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Quotes From the Show

“Lots of people speak about being driven by success, and I think about that a lot, but I think what drives me more than success is the desire not to fail.”

“There’s very few people I’ve met that are as competitive as I am.”

“If you’re playing basketball, you want Shaquille O’Neal to play center.”

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