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Episode 36 delee fromm

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How can you follow your passions in life? What role does emotional intelligence have on your ability to negotiate and make deals? Delee Fromm has answers for some of these questions. Delee is a lawyer with a background in psychology who currently works as a speaker and author. Listen to her interview to hear what Deele has to say about how she grew up, what she thinks people do wrong in negotiations, what men and women do differently in terms of dealmaking, and how to reduce inequality.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Delee’s background
  • What the effect is of growing up in small towns
  • What Delee’s parents did right and wrong
  • How you follow your passions
  • What Delee learned about human nature in her psychology background
  • Whether intelligence is innate or learned
  • Key components of emotional intelligence
  • The emotional responses of psychopaths
  • What people do wrong in negotiations
  • Whether men and women negotiate differently
  • Doing better at eliminating inequality
  • Equality of outcome versus equality of opportunity
  • What companies and organizations can do to support diversity
  • How to balance diversification with virtue signaling

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Delee Fromm

Quotes From the Show

“You feel unique when you’re in a small setting.”

“I’m a person who believes that you follow your bliss.”

“Because they’re not aware of the emotion bubbling up, it becomes very strong, and they may act on it before they’re aware.”

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