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Episode 35 matt cohen

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Matt Cohen was highly influenced by his first investment in Turnstyle Solutions, and he used what he learned as he became the founder and managing partner at Ripple. In today’s interview, Matt shares useful information about his experiences in investing, founding, and entrepreneurship. Listen to the episode to hear what Matt has to say about what creates entrepreneurs, the necessity of sacrifice as an entrepreneur, and the importance of maintaining a good network.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Ripple is and why Matt started it
  • What creates entrepreneurs
  • Matt’s backstory
  • The level of sacrifice involved in being an entrepreneur
  • Matt’s view on failure
  • Matt’s curiosity
  • Maintaining a good network
  • The line between business and personal
  • Matt’s mentors
  • How to pick jockeys
  • How our minds perform at a high level
  • How to reach Matt

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Matt Cohen

Quotes From the Show

“Building out a network beyond what you grow up in, in the bubble you grow up in, is really important.”

“What I was very adamant about doing as soon as I left high school was trying to get out of the bubble I grew up in.”

“You don’t want someone who has gone through failure and is just glass half-full person their entire life.”

“When you ask for advice, you get money, and when you ask for money, you get advice.”

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