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Episode 34 adam levinter

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Did you know you can still succeed as an entrepreneur even if you’re not certain about your path? Even if you struggle with stress and anxiety? These are some of the issues that today’s guest is going to talk about. Adam Levinter is the founder and CEO of ScriberBase, a published author, and a podcast host. Listen to the episode to hear what he has to say about why too much self-imposed pressure is detrimental, why asking for help makes you stronger, and what’s happening in the world of subscription-based business models.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Adam got to the space he’s in
  • Whether going into business for himself was something that was on Adam’s mind from childhood
  • Adam’s advice to people who think they need to have a defined path
  • Why too much pressure is detrimental
  • Techniques that Adam finds to be effective in dealing with anxiety and stress
  • Self-awareness and asking for help
  • Building trust as a salesperson
  • What ScriberBase does
  • Areas where Adam thinks that there’s going to be a boom
  • What some subscription businesses get wrong
  • Whether the excitement of subscription models is going to change
  • What Adam wishes he would have known early on

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Adam Levinter

Quotes From the Show

“I feel like this chapter is a chapter of many in this life.”

“When I feel a sense of anxiety, or I feel a sense of stress, I get to a pen and paper as fast as I can.”

“Nobody cares about your idea and how good it is. Will people whip out their wallets and pay for it?”

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