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Episode 33 justin thouin

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Are you financially literate? Would you know it if you weren’t? Today’s guest says that literacy on personal financial issues is one of the biggest problems in Canada, and Canada doesn’t even know it. Justin Thouin is the co-founder of He’s an expert in personal finance and entrepreneurship, and his website has helped Canadians save over a billion dollars. Listen in to hear what Justin has to say about how he became an entrepreneur, the importance of trying hard, and what other leaders and entrepreneurs can take from Justin’s experiences.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Justin does with
  • How Justin got to be an entrepreneur
  • Why Justin’s parents pointed him toward the traditional path
  • How being in a competitive sports environment helped Justin become a better leader
  • Why kids must learn to try their hardest
  • The difficulty of getting started
  • The biggest learnings of the first days
  • How much education is needed for growth
  • What other leaders and entrepreneurs can take from Justin’s experiences
  • Whether success is born or bred
  • What mortgage rates are going to do over the next few years

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Justin Thouin

Quotes From the Show

“Our goal is to help people save time and save money.”

“I’m a really competitive person. I can’t stand losing, and I’ll do almost anything not to lose.”

“I think personal finance, or personal financial literacy, is the biggest problem that Canada doesn’t even know it has.”

“Winning matters, but winning is the outcome of effort and preparation – it just doesn’t come easily”

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