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Episode 32 nav bhatia

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How powerful is a personal brand? How does having a personal brand affect your life, your career, and your business prospects? Today’s guest knows a little bit about that situation. Joining the podcast today is Nav Bhatia, otherwise known as the Raptors Superfan due to his support of the Toronto Raptors. Listen in to today’s discussion to hear what Nav has to say about passion, honesty, and hard work.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Nav ended up in Canada
  • Where Nav got his passion and character from
  • Why so many people have a hard time finding the passion in their lives
  • Patterns of behavior that lead to excellence in sales
  • How important it is to Nav to represent the Sikh community
  • How important a personal brand has been to Nav
  • How the personal brand has impacted Nav’s business
  • Why giving back is so important
  • What Nav thinks young entrepreneurs should focus on
  • Nav’s next steps
  • What the future of the Raptors looks like

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Quotes From the Show

“I always feel, if you do the right thing, money comes. It’s a secondary thing.”

“I feel when you are a Sikh, you can be seen from far away.”

“This country gave me everything. It gave me all the good things in life.”

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