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Episode 31 james burron

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How do you get from Canada to Korea? What prompts someone to go into the financial field and succeed? Today’s guest is James Burron, cofounder and president of CAASA, and he’s going to discuss how he ended up where he is and what’s influenced him over the course of his life and career. Listen in to hear James discuss how growing up in a small town affected his worldview, how adversity affected his path, and what he’s learned about the art of cooperation.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Where James got his start
  • Why James wanted to be in Korea
  • How James got to where he is now
  • How James’s birthplace and childhood home affects the way he views the world
  • What James’s parents did to contribute to his adventurous nature
  • How much adversity impacted the person James is today
  • What CAASA is and what they do
  • What James has learned about the art of collaboration through his career
  • Where Canada is leading and failing
  • Strategies people need to pay attention to as they’re starting their careers
  • Strategies that James doesn’t think people are taking seriously enough
  • What fund managers are doing right and wrong when it comes to raising capital

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James Burron

Quotes From the Show

“It’s not a startup unless you’re terrified every once in a while.”

“In the financial community, everyone knows everyone else.”

“I think taking folks for granted and that they’ll want to do something is a first mistake that people make.”

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