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Episode 30 daniel lewis

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How do you go from being a rapper to a tea entrepreneur? Today’s guest has an unusual story and he can tell you all about it. Daniel Lewis may have started out as a rapper, but now you may know him from T by Daniel. He’s an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a marketer. Listen in to Daniel’s story and hear what he has to say about his journey, the importance of words, and why having passion matters so much.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

Daniel’s current role and self-image

  • Daniel’s background
  • What Daniel’s parents think of his journey
  • Why Daniel believes words are powerful
  • What Daniel’s inherited from his parents
  • How Daniel landed on tea
  • How important passion is to Daniel and why it’s so important to him
  • Advice and cautions that Daniel would give to new entrepreneurs
  • How Daniel served tea to the Prince of Wales

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Quotes From the Show

“That incident in 2009 was the catalyst for the rest of my life and the change that would come.”

“The way my parents have raised me and my siblings, and continue to, is – they lead with love.”

“Passion kicks in when results are not necessarily there.”

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