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Episode 28 stella millis

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Stella Millis is already close to FirePower Capital, as a Director of Private Equity at FirePower herself. But how did she reach that position? What is it about Stella that made her the person she is today, and that made her suited for the roles that she has today? In today’s episode, you’ll hear what Stella has to say about growing up in a Greek immigrant family, what kinds of obstacles Stella faced, and how her core values played a role in bringing her to where she is today.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Stella’s professional background
  • Stella’s childhood
  • What role Stella’s obstacles played in making her the person she is today
  • What gave Stella the interest in engineering
  • Stella’s core values
  • How Stella moved into forensic accounting
  • Advice for someone considering a radical shift in their life
  • Whether we’re a product of genetics or upbringing
  • Advice Stella would give to women in industries like engineering
  • How listeners can find Stella

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Stella Millis

Quotes From the Show

“At the end of the day, people are people.”

“I was one of the youngest individuals who graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music when I was 16.”

“You gotta have a set of values. They’re developed from when you’re really young.”

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