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Episode 27 mariam ekram

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Some of the most successful entrepreneurship stories started when the entrepreneur decided to create a product that they were looking for or solve a problem they were having. That has something to do with how Mariam Ekram came to found Koa Natural Foods, a company that provides healthy and delicious foods.

Listen to hear more from today’s guest, Mariam Ekram. Mariam is the founder and president of Koa Foods as well as the founder and president of Empowering Women. Listen in to what she has to say about her career path as an entrepreneur, why mindset is important, and the value of passion in building businesses.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Mariam does at Koa
  • What led to Mariam’s career path as an entrepreneur in Canada
  • How an immigrant mentality affects the way Miriam looks at the world
  • What gave Mariam her mindset
  • The power in faking it till you make it
  • Authenticity in relationships
  • How important passion is in building businesses
  • Where Mariam can be found online

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Quotes From the Show

“I was obsessed with trying to find out what kind of greatness could I achieve as a person?”

“If you walk into a room and don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to believe in you?”

“You’re not faking it, you’re putting yourself in a state of extreme discomfort till you make it.”

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