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Episode 26 raymond luk

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Is teaching part of the entrepreneur’s formula for success? Today’s guest has some thoughts about that. Raymond Luk is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He’s the founder of Hockeystick and Flow Ventures. In today’s episode, you’ll hear Raymond discuss his background as the child of educators who were immigrants to Canada, the importance of failure in entrepreneurship, and whether or not entrepreneurs need to be extraverted to be successful.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Raymond is focused on right now
  • Raymond’s background
  • How Raymond’s family ended up coming to Canada
  • The perception of young founders
  • How Raymond transitioned to entrepreneurship
  • The importance of failure
  • Whether you need to be outgoing and extraverted to be an entrepreneur
  • Raymond’s take on the nature vs. nurture debate
  • Advice that Raymond would give to young entrepreneurs

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Quotes From the Show

“I think that a big part of our job as entrepreneurs and leaders is teaching.”

“We care about the big success and the big failure, not that much in-between.”

“I’ve become a lifelong learner starting from a young age. It’s one of my favorite things to learn new things.”

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