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Episode 24 perry dellelce

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Why is it important to have fun on the job? Today’s guest is Perry Dellelce, a founder and managing partner at Wildeboer Dellelce law firm. One of the firm’s founding principles has to do with fun, and according to Perry, they were casual at work before casual Friday’s existed. Listen in to today’s episode to hear about how Perry ended up founding a law firm at a young age, why he thinks having fun with your work is important, and what lessons he’s learned along the way.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Perry’s childhood and background looked like
  • How the immigrant side of Perry’s life affected his work ethic
  • What led Perry to start his own firm
  • Whether Perry understood how big of a risk he was taking starting his own firm
  • Whether Perry thinks a chip on the shoulder is a good thing or a bad thing
  • Why having fun is important
  • The hard lessons Perry has learned along the way
  • What you have to have to be an investor in something
  • An example of a winning investment that surprised Perry
  • Where listeners can find Perry

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Quotes From the Show

“I think what your viewers and my viewers will find interesting is more the story of the law firm.”

“We were casual in 1993, long before The Gap made casual Fridays a reality.”

“To this day, I stand up and pay a little bit more attention when one of the seven sister law firms are on the other side.”

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