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Episode 22 michael morozov

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How do you transition from running a window-washing business to selling PPE in the middle of a pandemic? Today’s guest can tell you all about it. On today’s episode of the podcast, you’ll hear from Michael Morozov. In the interview, he’ll talk about his background and how he got started as an entrepreneur, how he goes about getting things done without overanalyzing them, and how he recovered from the sudden nosedive in business caused by the pandemic by getting into the PPE business.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Michael’s background
  • How Michael got started as an entrepreneur
  • Where Michael’s instinct for entrepreneurship came from
  • Michael’s mentality around deciding how to get things done
  • Transitioning from B to B to B to C
  • How to avoid overpromising something that you can’t deliver
  • The disadvantages of overanalyzing
  • How to balance your team
  • How Michael got into PPE
  • How Michael got his hands on PPE supplies when they were hard to find
  • Why Michael can thrive on chaos
  • Why Michael doesn’t think DNA determines success
  • Advice for other entrepreneurs

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Michael Morozov

Quotes From the Show

“Whoever you surround yourself with, that’s who you become.”

“I don’t care what the business is as long as it has a return.”

“You can’t have a shark and want him to eat salad all day. You can’t.”

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