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Episode 21 sam jacobs

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How do curiosity and empathy combine to make you more successful at sales? Today’s guest has some thoughts on the subject. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Sam Jacobs, CEO and Founder of Revenue Collective and host of the Sales Hacker podcast. Listen in to hear Sam discuss balancing the free market and regulation, how a Chief Revenue Officer fits into the C-Suite, and which tools sales people most need in their toolbox.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Sam’s view of the connotations of being viewed as a sales guy
  • Go-to questions for new accounts
  • Sam’s childhood and how it shaped his curiosity and empathy
  • Balancing the desire for free market enterprise with protecting people
  • Sam’s early career
  • Where the CRO fits among more traditional C-level executives
  • The value of customer success
  • Tools that salespeople need in the toolbox
  • Sam’s view of nature vs. nurture
  • What The Revenue Collective does
  • Where you need to be in your career to join The Revenue Collective
  • Sam’s advice for listeners

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Quotes From the Show

“One of the fundamental aspects of success is true intellectual curiosity, and true empathy in sales, specifically.”

“The thing I learned from childhood was really ambition, and that was because I felt misunderstood for a lot of my life, and I felt like I needed to show the world something that was inside of me that I felt like hadn’t come out.”

“One of my mantras in my company is “I’m always going to be more invested in customer success than in sales.”

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