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Episode 20 batia stein

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As a woman, is it possible to have a high-powered career and have children? And what’s the right way to accomplish that? Today’s guest is an example of what is possible for women who want both the demanding career and the rewards of motherhood. Listen in to the episode to hear from Batia Stein, a corporate immigration lawyer and partner with EY Law. In today’s episode, Batia discusses balancing motherhood and career, how adversity may help you succeed, and what Batia has learned about leadership and being a leader.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Batia’s childhood
  • How having parents that were older and less involved played a role in Batia’s leadership qualities
  • Why independence could be a fault
  • What Batia does to help herself become more comfortable with less control
  • Advice for women in high powered careers who are looking for the right time to have children
  • The challenges of moving countries and transitioning from high school to college at 17
  • How much of Batia’s work ethic she thinks is a learned behavior vs. innate
  • Why Batia decided to go to law school
  • Why Batia decided to go out on her own as a lawyer at a young age
  • What Batia learned from waitressing
  • Why corporate immigration work appealed to Batia
  • What Batia thinks about the trend toward de-globalization
  • What Batia has learned about leadership
  • How to balance being strategic and authentic
  • Common trends that Batia sees in people who move up in their careers

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Quotes From the Show

“I really prefer to be self-reliant than to rely on other people.”

“I firmly believe that our children are given to us to challenge us.”

“Even with the adversity, you have to be grateful for what it gives you to be able to develop you.”

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