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Episode 19 solon angel

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How does a lone wolf learn to effectively build sustainable teams? How does an Angel Investor learn to pick the winners from the losers when making investments? These are some of the questions that today’s guest will discuss. Solon Angel is a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer with an interesting personal story. Listen in to today’s episode to hear what Solon has to say about how being an outcast can lead to being an entrepreneur, how to not just have vision, but separate the right vision from the wrong vision, and how to use your curiosity effectively.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • An overview of Solon’s career
  • Solon’s childhood and upbringing
  • What Solon’s parents did to harness his energy and put him on a path to success
  • Transitioning a lone wolf mentality to sustainable team building
  • How being an outcast can benefit an entrepreneur
  • How to take care of your children without coddling them
  • How to separate the right visions from the wrong visions
  • How to know when to move on from an idea that’s not working
  • Tools that can help you use curiosity in the best way possible
  • Solon’s view on the nature vs. nurture debate
  • The value of self-awareness
  • Whether people can change
  • Separating the winners from the losers as an Angel Investor
  • The best investment that Solon has made

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Quotes From the Show

“You have to shake me up to get the best from me.”

“If you have a kid who is high energy there’s only two outcomes – he can be very successful or wind up in jail.”

“I’m actually humble enough to know that I don’t know what is a good or bad idea. I just know I need to try that.”

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